Production Management

Eventually everyone needs to get something printed but it can be overwhelming to look through the phone book and pick a printer. To know who specializes in what and the best quality for the cost. Cheapest price usually isn't the best option.

Production Management Services

For those agencies that have their own production manager, eventually everyone takes a holiday, that is where I can come in. I will work from your office taking care of all their duties, working with your suppliers or using my own.

Production Artist

With over two decades of pre-press and production experience under my belt I know how a file should be built in order for it to print trouble free. I built files as layered PSD, CMYK and with style sheets for maximum edibility later.

Graphic Design

Yes, design too! Although I have worked in production as my main career focus my original schooling was in design and have been involved with freelance design just as long.

With today's tools, any of us can create documents that are good enough. Today's free flow of communication results in a staggering volume of information produced daily, all competing for you attention. As both the amount of information and the way it is delivered continue to expand, getting through the noise level can be challenging. Good design enhances a message both by attracting us to read it in the first place and then presenting the content in a series of planned and logical steps that are easy to follow and difficult to resist. Far from the luxury, design is an absolute necessity. Whether you're creating a proposal, a brochure, a CD music label, or a Web page, I will enhance your message.

Pre-Press & Flight Check

Sooner or later you will want to reproduce your document, that means one thing... Service Bureau. Getting your project to a Service Bureau is only half the task, making sure you get all of it there is another. You need to send the main file and all the clip art, photos and fonts you used and there may also be extra charges for them to finish your file. Create spot colors, trapping or fix elements that just will not print to an imagesetter. For example RGB or JPEG photos. I have the pre-press experience to find and fix all of these problems before you get to the Service Bureau and very costly extra charges.

Web Design & Hosting

Too often we see websites with plenty of good content only to be buried among poor color choices or contrasts such as dark blue on black background which is virtually impossible to read. We’ve also seen the amount of flashy graphics and music backgrounds that may not be appropriate for the visitor seeking information from your website.

I will design and create a custom web site or specialize a boxed site to your needs. For those that find hosting and email set up a nightmare I will also host your site and take care of all the technical problems.


Production Artist, Design and client alterations are invoiced based on $55/hour, at the work pace of a Senior Production Artist. All projects are quoted before work starts and if additional changes are requested, going beyond original quote, approval must be given before work continues.

Production Management: Is invoiced based on 15% of printing cost. Additional charges may apply for couriers and travel if outside Calgary.


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